Caesar’s Camp


Situated on the right bank of the Rhône, Maison Sinnae grew up on the plateau dominating the villages of Laudun and Chusclan. It was there that the Romans began to spread the culture of vines and wine over two thousand years ago: at Caesar’s Camp. Like an echo of the passionate love that the Emperor felt for his very first wife Cornelia Sinnae, our Maison of producers continues, generation after generation, to write History with passion and humility. Proud of their Heritage, our 200 associated winegrowers perpetuate the desire to place the Maison at the centre of an efficient, collective project, in harmony with its era and its environment.

– Discover the key moments in our history –

  1. Création de la cave des vignerons de Laudun

  2. Création de la cave de Chusclan

  3. Création d’un service Amont et instauration des cahiers des charges vignobles

  4. Première certification Agriconfiance

    Management de la qualité et de l’environnement de la production agricole

  5. Fusion des caves de Laudun et de Chusclan

    Naissance de Laudun Chusclan Vignerons

  6. Développement de la filière BIO

  7. Extension de l’aire de récolte

    Par l’intégration de vignerons coopérateurs en provenance des communes alentours (+ 500 hectares).

  8. Lancement d’un plan d’investissement de 15M d’euros

    Destiné à l’agrandissement et à la modernisation des sites de production

  9. Inauguration d’un chai de blanc de 3 000 m2 sur le site de Laudun

    Chai dédié le plus important de la vallée du Rhône !

  10. Première entreprise viticole de la Vallée du Rhône à obtenir le label « Engagé RSE » au Niveau Exemplaire



Caesar’s love for Cornelia, the winegrowers’ labour of love for their land, the love of a job well done, the love of nature and the environment and the love of others by protecting future generations right here right now: Maison Sinnae defends this passionate and unconditional love that is nevertheless always reasoned and clairvoyant. Behind each Maison Sinnae wine there are the winegrowers. Behind each winegrower, there is a heart and soul, which has been given, throughout the year, body and soul, to produce the best grapes. Each Maison Sinnae wine contains a little piece of this soul and reveals the perfect expression of our terroirs.


Maison Sinnae is above all a story of men and women who believe in teamwork and taking collective responsibility for the wine that they produce together. These wines are made with respect for life on earth and for the environment, to guarantee a sustainable activity that can be passed on to later generations. It is through this shared outlook that the winegrowers and employees defend a future that they are building together. In short, without sharing, cooperation is nothing. Sharing the same values, history, ambition and objectives, of teamwork and transmission, and sharing the effort and success helps to create and strengthen the ties between the People that make Maison Sinnae.

” Maison SINNAE or the story of a fabulous human adventure. 200 winegrowing families committed to leaving the legacy of an efficient company that is responsible for people and their environment “

Philippe Pellaton

” With Maison SINNAE, more than our wines, we represent a collective project where the teams and associated winegrowers work together to build a sustainable future “

Philippe Amphoux
Managing Director

From vine to bottle, the implication of the winegrowers alongside the employees in the company’s project plays an essential role. We are dedicated to building an attractive and federating organization. Thanks to a participative governance approach, our Maison of Producers gives itself the means to sustainably generate value-added for its activity and its people.


The Maison Sinnae vineyard is one of the largest on the right bank of the Rhône, stretching over 2800 hectares, with 2200 classed AOC (controlled designation of origin).

Therefore, our vines grow on a wide diversity of terroirs (sandy-stony soils, stony terraces, rounded pebbles) and varietals, notably Grenache and Syrah, guardians of the typicity of the wines of the southern Rhône Valley.

Our appellations (designations)

The Maison Sinnae cuvées express all the subtleties of their appellations on extraordinarily rich terroirs.

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